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Graduate Center

Welcome to the Grad Center

Welcome to the Guiding Eyes Graduate Center.  As a graduate of Guiding Eyes, you and your guide dog are part of a valued community!  Consider this your reference center – a place to find information, refreshers, support and other helpful tidbits. We have categorized materials under the headings of General Info, Helpful Resources, Advocacy, and Refreshers & Updates. We invite you to explore the links below, then click Graduate Center Home to return here.

We’ve been settling into our new corner of, and preparing to bring you more material. We welcome and look forward to your feedback and ideas. Please contact Melissa Carney, Community Outreach & Graduate Support Manager at

Visit the Graduate Blog

Graduate News Blog: Revisit Graduate Newsletters of the past. Graduate-centered blog posts have been in the works, with helpful information and interesting tid bits. Stay tuned!


Main Website Blog: We hope you have been visiting the main Blog in the Discover section within the public website, to find News & Events and Graduate Team profiles. 

Share these informative public pages with family and friends

Guide Dogs 101     (opens a webpage outside of Grad Center)

Where they can learn about appropriate interaction with a guide dog team and we answer their frequently asked questions; includes our video Working with a Guide Dog Team.

Journey of a Guiding Eyes Dog   (opens a webpage outside of Grad Center)

A step by step look at the incredible path your guide dog traveled before becoming your partner

Reapplying for a guide dog?

Guide Dog Application

If the time to consider your next guide dog is approaching, we are always here to support you, above and beyond the application process