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Class Lectures

Updated Class Lectures are in the works!


We are in the process of updating our lectures to reflect our new 2-week class schedule.  You might encounter some lectures that reflect our previous 3-week class schedule and some lectures where the audio version is not up to date.  Please be patient as we work diligently to deliver you the most up to date lectures.

Table of Contents

Home Training Disclaimer
Chapter 1: Rules and Regulations
Daily Schedule and Things to Know
Chapter 2: Basic Equipment
Chapter 3: Juno Day
Chapter 4: Vocabulary of a Guide Dog
Chapter 5: Dog Day
Chapter 6: Life of a Guide Dog
Chapter 7: Living with Your New Guide Dog
Chapter 8: Establishing a Feed, Water and Park Schedule
Chapter 9: Initial Harness Work and Instructor Commands
Chapter 10: Introduction to Using Food Reward in Guidework
Chapter 11: Guidework Fundamentals
Chapter 12: Correction Technique and Applications
Chapter 13: Tools for Effective Communication
Chapter 14: Leaving Your Dog Alone
Chapter 15: Suggested or Moving Turns
Chapter 16: Grooming Your Dog
Chapter 17: Playing with Your Dog
Chapter 18: Clicker Use and Targeting Exercise
Chapter 19: How Dogs Learn
Chapter 20: Recognizing Stress in Your Dog & Finding the Balance
Chapter 21: Guests
Chapter 22: Recognizing When Your Dog is Relieving
Chapter 23: Working in Tandem with Another Guide Dog Team
Chapter 24: Store Work
Chapter 25: Naturally Occurring Barriers
Chapter 26: Doors & Elevators
Chapter 27: Stairs & Escalators
Chapter 28: Public Transportation & Air Travel
Chapter 29: Campus Travel
Chapter 30: Traffic Exercises
Chapter 31: Shoreline Travel
Chapter 32: Photos
Chapter 33: Working Your Guide Dog at Night
Chapter 35: Going Home with Your Guide Dog
Chapter 36: Working on a Train Platform
Graduation Day
Chapter 38: Obesity in Dogs
Chapter 41: Maintaining Ears, Teeth & Nails & Administering Medication
Chapter 42: Booties
Chapter 43: Head Collar

coming soon

Veterinary Services