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Guiding Eyes Graduations are open to the general public. If you are interested in attending an upcoming graduation, please let us know by submitting this brief Graduation RSVP Form.

Graduations are the culmination of training, celebrating the new partnership between student and guide dog.

Celebrating New Partnerships

Ceremonies are open to the public to share in the joy of this moment, when our students can look forward to new adventures ahead with their Guiding Eyes guide dog at their side.  It is our hope that people attending graduation are inspired and motivated to continue to make a difference for our future students. Meet Our Graduates.

When and Where are Graduations Held?

Graduation ceremonies are held every two weeks on the last Friday of class at 4 p.m. on our Yorktown Heights, NY campus. These intimate celebrations are recorded for guests unable to attend, or for those interested in sharing in the joy of a Guiding Eyes graduation at another time. Links to recordings of past graduations can be viewed below at any time.

Graduates’ Participation

During graduation ceremonies, a portion of the program is given to the students. This may include a graduate speaker, poetry or a musical performance representing the Guiding Eyes journey.

Meeting Puppy Raisers

Graduations offer the unique opportunity for Guiding Eyes puppy raisers to meet their dogs’ new handlers. For these generous volunteers, graduation day honors the sacrifices and love spent getting one puppy to this one very important day. Quite often, graduates and raisers develop a friendship that can last a lifetime.

Our next graduation will be held on Friday, July 19, 2024.

Four students sit at graduation holding their certificates while dogs lie at their feet