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Brood Stud Fostering

Guiding Eyes Breeding Dogs ensure the future of all our programs. They are vital to our work and the people who provide them with homes are crucial members of the Guiding Eyes family.

Welcome a breeding dog into your family

Brood/Stud fosters and sitters take on the responsibility of the health, well-being, and happiness of one of our breeding dogs. Our foster/sitter volunteers are also our diplomats, showing off our wonderful dogs to their communities each time they leave home.


The Canine Development Center in Patterson, N.Y., is where Guiding Eyes dogs are “purpose bred” for the superior health and the temperament needed for guide work. The members of our elite breeding colony are mainly Labrador Retrievers, but we also have German Shepherds. They start out their lives being raised by a puppy raiser then at approximately 16 to 20 months, are assessed for suitability for guide dog training. A dog who displays the excellent qualities needed in guide dogs may be selected to become a Guiding Eyes Breeding Dog, so that they might pass on these desirable traits. Our breeding dogs are housebroken and have had obedience training, but are not trained as guide dogs. Breeding dogs are technically owned by Guiding Eyes until they are retired. (See Retirement Policies)

Brood/Stud Fosters must:

  • have no more than a 1½ hours (for broods) or 1 hour (for studs) travel time to the Guiding Eyes Canine Development Center (CDC) in Patterson, N.Y. (Note: If you would like to become a brood foster and live 1½ hours away, approval is at the discretion of the Brood Stud Foster Program Manager.)
  • provide a safe and loving home environment, keeping the dog on leash when outdoors.
  • keep breeding dogs in proper condition, providing daily exercise – a minimum of 3 miles per day of walking or running.
  • be able to transport the breeding dog to Guiding Eyes for necessary and timely reproduction and healthcare-related visits and quarterly assessments.
  • participate in training sessions in dog handling, care, and obedience from Guiding Eyes staff.
  • upon receiving a dog, sign a Foster Agreement or Sitter Agreement that addresses the requirements and policies that will continue throughout the dog’s breeding career.

We’re pleased that you’re interested in supporting the Guiding Eyes mission by becoming a foster to one of our breeding dogs. Please read the information in Support We Provide and Become a Foster carefully and feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have.

To learn more about our Breeding Program and our exceptional dogs, please visit Journey of a Guide Dog  under Discover.