Student Training Programs

There are no upfront costs to our students to receive a guide dog. Training, travel, equipment, room and board, and follow-up services are also provided free of charge. Donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and service groups cover the entire cost to graduate a guide dog team. Once home you will be responsible for the cost of upkeep for your guide dog.


The dog breeds that we offer to our students consist of Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds. Our dogs are trained to work in a variety of environments including rural roads, small towns, large towns, college campuses, shopping malls, large cities, buses, trains, subways, and cars just to name a few. Please note that if you request a breed, gender, color, size, etc. your wait time may be impacted.


Listed below is information pertaining to the various training programs that Guiding Eyes for the Blind offers.

handler kneels to hug his new partner on the sidewalk during training

On-Campus Program

We host an On-Campus training program at our training center in Yorktown Heights, NY. Students have their own room and bath.  Training begins on our campus and progresses to nearby towns and cities.  Eventually, students train in custom locations which can include New York City to individually prepare them for their home environment.

Home training student with Lab targeting residential gate latch

Home Training

To qualify for Home Training, you must demonstrate a reason why you cannot attend our On-Campus Program. For example: child care, work obligations, caring for an elderly parent, etc.  Our Home Training program may be an option for both first-time and repeat guide dog users.  Training will be conducted in your home environment for 10-15 days depending on your experience working with a Guide Dog.

Specialized Training student with leg braces and mobility support as well as guide dog

Specialized Training

Students can be served through the Residential or Home Training Programs. Specialized Training instructors design training programs suited to accommodate each student’s individual needs. These instructors are also trained in tactile American Sign Language to communicate with those who are DeafBlind.

Mariana & Einstein run together on a path

Running Guides Program

Designed for active individuals who would like to be able to use their guide dog for exercise runs in their home environment. This training is an add on to our other programs. In order to qualify for this program, you need to complete basic guide dog training through one of our other programs. In addition, you must have access to a safe and straight forward route that you are in the habit of using on a regular basis.