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Graduate Funds

These funds provide assistance to Guiding Eyes graduates.

Graduate Assistance Fund

This is an excerpt from the GAF letter found in your going home packet:

Guiding Eyes for the Blind Graduate Assistance Fund

Guiding Eyes for the Blind graduates are eligible for $500 (subject to change yearly) each calendar year through our Graduate Assistance Fund to help off-set the cost of veterinary care for working guide dogs.


Fund Designation: 

Expenses directly related to veterinary care only. Examples include, but are not limited to: vaccines, nail trims, medications/preventatives, lab tests and prescription dog food. Examples of items not covered: treats, dog food, toys, dental chews, grooming equipment and baths.

Submitting Invoices for Reimbursement:

Please submit itemized invoices with the graduate’s name, current address and the guide dog’s name to the following:

Fax: 914-243-6829


Mail: Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Attn: Graduate Assistance Fund 
611 Granite Springs Road
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

A check will be mailed within 2 weeks of receipt.

  • If the graduate has paid the invoice and is seeking reimbursement please be sure to mark the invoice paid before sending.
  • Once the graduate’s fund reaches zero, please bill the graduate for any outstanding balances on their accounts.
  • Graduates are responsible for tracking the amount in their fund or contacting the Vet Hospital Administrator at or (914) 243-2258.

Gootter Vet Fund

(Replaces previous Boise Fund)

Established by long time donors, the Gootters, the new “Gootter Vet Fund” will allow Guiding Eyes graduates to collaborate with Guiding Eyes’ vets and their own local veterinarians to help cover veterinary costs for minor procedures and diagnostic work.  Upon pre-approval of a treatment plan and estimate reviewed by the Guiding Eyes veterinarians, the fund can cover expenses such as bloodwork, ultrasounds, and radiographs as well as minor procedures including dentistry and mass removals. This fund allows for expenditure of $1500 for one single use during the working life of a guide. This fund is dependent on availability and pre-approval by GEBVets. The ultimate goal of the fund is to return guide dogs to their work.

If you are a graduate and are interested in learning more about eligibility, please contact the Guiding Eyes Veterinary Department at 

For more information on the Gootter Vet Fund or to donate, please contact Rebekah Cross, Special Gifts Officer, at 914-243-2211 or

Hockmeyer Veterinary Care Fund

Another fund that is available to you for your working guide dog is called the Hockmeyer Fund. If your dog ever requires a referral to a veterinary specialist for diagnosis and treatment of a condition, this fund can help pay for the visit or visits. To qualify, you must be referred to a specialist by GEB or your regular vet. If your regular vet refers you, you must contact one of the Guiding Eyes veterinarians to discuss the referral before visiting the specialist. This fund is subject to availability and pre-approval by GEB. The care provided must have a good prognosis to return the dog to guide work.