Journey of a Guiding Eyes Dog


pile of little yellow ups on black blanket with colorful paw and bone printHave you ever wondered how adorable fuzzy puppies grow up to become guide dogs? Well, not all do. Some will become remarkable partners for an individual with vision loss, skilled and reliable. Some with outstanding traits, will go on to become breeding dogs for Guiding Eyes, others become detection dogs or service dogs for other agencies, and some are most suited to be a waiting family’s devoted and much-loved pet. However, they all start out as adorable fuzzy puppies…

Watch this brief video below to learn more about Guiding Eyes dogs and the path they take to finding the career that suits them best. If you’re interested in learning more, we hope you’ll browse through our Discover section in the main menu, where we dig deeper into content regarding genetics, early development and more. Read the stories of our amazing graduates, watch our Mission Video or visit Guide Dogs 101 to expand your knowledge and get a better understanding of the extraordinary steps in the Journey of a Guiding Eyes Dog.

Narrated Video: The Journey of a Guiding Eyes Dog