EMS and Service Dogs

Updated 10.20.14 The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires hospitals and first responders to modify their practices as necessary to ensure that service dog users are provided with the [...]

Black and Tan Labrador Retrievers

“Is that a Rottweiler?” Black and tan coloring in Labrador Retrievers is due to a recessive gene that each parent must contribute. When both parents have contributed the gene, the pup [...]

March 2014 Graduate Class

Thank you to the very special people supporting this month’s graduation: Loretta Sih Robinson, sponsor of the March graduation. “My close friend, Deni Elliott, and her Guiding Eyes dog, [...]

Letter from a Grateful Grandson

Dear Guiding Eyes for the Blind: My name is Kerry Corboy, and I am a physician from California. My grandmother (Flora Mann) was blind though I never knew her as she died when I was a toddler.  I [...]

Bear With Me

by Guiding Eyes graduate Paul Ellner While flying Search and Rescue missions for the Civil Air Patrol, my landings began to get bumpier, and I was diagnosed with AMD. Age-related Macular [...]

Connection and Separation

by Guiding Eyes graduate Deni Elliott A year after graduating with Guiding Eyes Alberta, I recognize the connection in our guide relationship, but also notice the moments of separation needed for [...]

Ways to Support Guiding Eyes

Ongoing through June 6th: Guiding Eyes Golf Classic RAFFLE  Support Guiding Eyes by purchasing a ticket to win a Lexus IS 250 or a men’s Rolex watch.  The drawing will be held on Monday, [...]