Renata is home safely

UPDATE: Renata has been found! Thank you all for your support!  German shepherd guide dog “Renata” is missing from her visually impaired handler’s home in Winter Haven, FL.   She weighs approximately 65lbs, has an AVID chip and is very friendly. Renata is not just a beloved dog; she serves as Robert Jardine’s “eyes” and provides… Continue reading Renata is home safely

Banfield Charitable Trust supports Guiding Eyes

We gratefully acknowledge the Banfield Charitable Trust for its $5,000 grant towards veterinary care for working Guiding Eyes guide dogs. A grant from Banfield Charitable Trust will be used to make payments to veterinarians who provide medical care or treatment to working guide dogs.  The grant is driven by the Trust’s desire to provide for… Continue reading Banfield Charitable Trust supports Guiding Eyes

ADA Laws and In-Laws

Another holiday season is upon us.  I experience mixed emotions as I pack dog food and toys for my time on the road with Guiding Eyes Alberta. On one hand, maneuvering around public spaces seems to get easier every year. The flight attendants on Delta Airlines know us by name and it’s been some time… Continue reading ADA Laws and In-Laws

2014 Holiday Grad Newsletter

Text Transcript Holiday 2014 Graduate Newsletter Audio Content The following links will play audio content. After selecting your desired content, it will be played on a new browser page. When finished press the (Control key plus F4) to close the player window and return to the previous menu of choices. Introduction Message from Kathy Zubrycki,… Continue reading 2014 Holiday Grad Newsletter

December 2014 Graduate Class

Thank you to the sponsors of this month’s graduation ceremony: We are extremely grateful for Louis Bouchard’s generous support of the Special Needs home training of his daughter M.J., who received Guiding Eyes Zed. The family of Dolores Pati: In memory of Dolores Pati, her family would like to extend heartfelt congratulatory wishes to this… Continue reading December 2014 Graduate Class

Happy Giving Tuesday!

This year, Guiding Eyes provided 150 guide dogs to individuals who are blind or visually impaired and 12 service dogs to families with children with autism. We also supported more than 1,000 active guide and service dog users around the world.  Your gifts allow our graduates to expand their horizons and achieve their goals. DONATE… Continue reading Happy Giving Tuesday!