Happy Birthday Wrangler!

If you’ve been keeping up with our local Guiding Eyes celebrity on the TODAY Show, you’ll know that Wrangler turns 1 today – and it’s been quite a year!

Every day, under the watchful eye of his puppy raiser Saxon Eastman, he has experienced a range of socialization experiences in studio 1A that are diverse, to say the least.

He’s met celebrities, hung out on the Plaza with his adoring fans, visited cities across America, and grown into a calm, smart, responsive dog. We’re so proud of him! And proud of how he’s been able to share the story of how our dogs become part of extraordinary Guide Dog teams with over 5 million TODAY Show viewers.

Soon Wrangler will be leaving his TV lifestyle behind, and joining our training program, where he’ll learn all the skills he needs to become a great partner for a person who is visually impaired, and start the next phase of his life.

In celebration of his birthday, we’re launching The Wrangler Scholarship fund, which hopes to raise $400,000 – enough to partner 8 more people on the wait list— with the exceptional Guide Dogs they deserve.

We’re excited to see what the next step of the journey holds for Wrangler, and to discover how he will be transforming someone’s life, opening it up to new possibilities and new hope.

Happy 1st Birthday Wrangler!