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A Day in the Life: Linda Hunt & Ada

Guiding Eyes graduates Linda Hunt and AdaDear Guiding Eyes,

Thank you for an ordinary day.

Yesterday, after breakfast and obedience for Ada, our journey began with Ada locating the bus stop for a trip downtown to Starbucks.   Then we took another bus trip to my church to peel apples for pies for the upcoming bazaar.  Ada’s manners were impeccable while snoozing under the table where an occasional apple peel fell to the floor while the women talked.

After park and water for Ada, it was time to walk to a Chinese restaurant to meet someone for lunch.  Ada found all curbs, located a light pole that we had targeted and crossed a main thoroughfare confidently.  She found the door to the restaurant and recognized our lunch companion while still remembering that she was in harness.

After a car ride home to pick up items for the afternoon, it was time to walk to the local polling station to vote.  For Ada, the trip included a turn down an active driveway and shore-lining along the curb to find the door.  Once inside, Ada stopped and received a treat for finding the stairs.  She guided me through the crowd to a table and showed other voters that it was not time for pets.

Soon after, it was time to walk to the dentist’s office.  We got there on time because of Ada’s ability to cross streets and find the right driveway and office door.

We returned home for dinner and playtime before heading out again to an evening meeting.  After more treats for stopping for doors and finding stairs, we returned home where Ada’s bone and bed awaited her.  Ada wagged her tail as I gave her hugs and pets and said goodnight.  She seems to have fun and enjoy our work together, and I am forever grateful to have her in my life.

All the best,