A whole new world of possibilities

Catherine and Caleb walk down a White Plains streetAn excerpt from Catherine Hall’s August 2014 graduation speech 

We’ve all come to Guiding Eyes with different experiences.  Some of us are just starting out on our life journey – going away to college for the first time.  Others of us are preparing to enter the workforce, while still others have well-established careers and families.  Regardless of where we are in life, we can all say that these dogs give us the confidence to travel through the world independently and safely.

They give us a sense of security that cannot be gained with a white cane.  They open up a whole new world of possibilities and social connections that would be otherwise impossible.  In addition, these dogs are our friends.  They provide company in the lonely hours, love when we feel unloved and laughter to combat our tears.

Words cannot fully express the depth of our gratitude for the amazing gift we have been given.  Whether you have raised a puppy, volunteered your time or given even the smallest amount of money to support the organization, please know that your contribution has changed and will continue to change lives; it is appreciated more than anyone can say.