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Adorable Valentine Puppies Alert

And the winner is… BUBBLES!


Yellow lab puppy steps out of red heart graphic wearing heart sunglasses above red floating hearts and vote now buttonHi – Bubbles here! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and we love this holiday because it’s a great excuse for us to spread some puppy love while being our adorable selves!

A difficult decision is causing a commotion in our litter! Which photo do we use on our Valentine’s Day card? I’m reaching out to the Guiding Eyes community to help us make this big decision. We have just a few days left to choose our photo. Click on the link below to see your choices. You won’t believe how cute we are!

Will you please click here now to vote on your favorite Valentine’s Day photo of us?

My littermates and I are sending lots of puppy love your way! ❤️

Wags and kisses,

Bubbles and littermates Blizzard, Beatrix, Bono, Brioche, Betsy, and Bobbi