Adventures of Janice: It Takes A Community

By: Volunteer Puppy Raiser Elora Hixon

Janice poses with for a picture at Dr. Flowers' veterinary practice in MaineYou know how they say that it takes a community to raise a child… it is the same with raising a Guiding Eyes pup.  I am so grateful for the people that I know that have helped me through raising my pups. Whether it was donating their services, giving me support, teaching me and helping me train, being there to listen to my problems and help me work through them… I don’t know what I would do without them.  I definitely want to say a BIG thank you to all of you; without you I wouldn’t be able to help change someone’s life!

Just the other day I had Janice’s 12 week checkup.  It is always a wonderful experience to bring these pups to the vet.  We see Dr. Flowers of At Home Vet in Gardiner,ME., and his office offers plentiful socialization opportunities – including a talking bird!   When we sat down next to him, he said, “Here puppy puppy puppy!”  I can’t even tell you how confused that she was looking at this weird thing in a cage talking to her; it was so funny!

After sitting there for a few minutes and seeing a few different looking dogs it was our turn to go in and see Dr. Flowers.  Janice had a ball.  She had no idea what we were doing there but absolutely loved being the center of attention.  Dr. Flowers checked her out and told me that she was a healthy little girl and had a good spunk to her.  (That’s for sure!)  I must say she was a pro when it came to giving her shots – she didn’t seem to care one bit. (That might have been because Dr. Flowers’ assistant was feeding her treats the whole time.)

Overall it was a wonderful visit and a great experience for Janice.  But getting back to it taking a community to raise a pup… At Home Vet is a huge part; they donate a good chunk of their services for Janice.  Another wonderful business that helps us out is Knights Farm Supply in Richmond, ME.   Mr. Knight is always eager to see us and loves hearing of Janice’s progress. The store happily donates a large bag of dog food each month.  These lovely people make a big difference.

Adorable yellow Lab puppy Janice gazes up at Elora for a photo.