Because of Guiding Eyes…

My dog costs as much as a luxury car. That’s three luxury cars over the years – all so that a civil servant can walk to work safely and the people who love her can rest a little easier at night.

Every brick, every blade of grass, every staff member who is here in this place, for this purpose, is here because of the tremendous love and compassion of strangers. Their gifts allow us to come here for three weeks so we could train with these incredible dogs, and in doing so, we leave our comfort zones. We all come from different places, countries, ways of life, and we come together and bring that wealth of experience with us and share it with one another. For a brief time, each of us is able to share our ups and our downs, our dreams and our fears, and each one of us is made different by it.

Because Guiding Eyes exists, the silent are able to find their voice. The lonely find a community. The newly blind rediscover themselves. The sheltered find the courage to go out and experience the world.  Because of Guiding Eyes, we are all reminded that there is more good and love in the world than we ever imagined.

by graduate Molly Adams