Boundless Horizons

by Guiding Eyes graduate Dolores Cimini

Guiding Eyes dog SavannahWhen I was waiting to be matched with my new Guiding Eyes dog in June of 2006, I heard one of the dogs whistling excitedly from down the long hallway.  I wondered, “Who will that very talkative guide dog be matched with?”   Of course -I got her!

And, since that wonderful day when we first met, Savannah has whistled her way through her life and through our travels around the nation and the world.  She has whistled to alert me to an unfamiliar route in our neighborhood.  She has whistled when it’s time for breakfast in the morning and she has whistled just to remind me that she wants to play “fetch” with her favorite stuffed toy as we both wind down from our long days.

But her most memorable whistle occurred when she and I met President Barack Obama; it was as if Savannah was saying, “Why is this guy getting all your attention today?  Wouldn’t it be more fun to play with me instead?”

Small and mighty, her work has always been letter-perfect.  She has boundless energy and she greets each day with enthusiasm and love for all that is around her.  The only love that matches her love for life is the great love I have for her.  I am forever grateful to Savannah for being my eyes and my companion as we have both experienced all the beauty in this world.  I thank Guiding Eyes for opening so many boundless horizons for us.

Photography by Jane Klonsky 2014 for her senior dog book project.  For more information, email Jane here.  

Guiding Eyes grads Dolores and Savannah