CEO Tom Panek goes #BOSTONSTRONG for Guiding Eyes

Tom Panek will overcome a number of challenges when he runs the Boston Marathon this Monday.   He gave up running after losing his sight in his 20s; he never thought he would run again.

But with a lot of hard work, plenty of ambition and a little help from friends, Tom rediscovered his love for the open road.  He even claims to be a better runner now than when he was sighted.

“I committed to running Boston after what happened last year,” Tom shares. “Plus, I’ve been inspired by my new Guiding Eyes dog, Gus, and I want to support others working to achieve their goals with Guiding Eyes dogs by their sides. I hope to raise $1,000 for each mile I run.”  Support Tom as he runs the Boston Marathon. 


ABC7 reporter Amy Freeze acts as a sighted guide for Guiding Eyes CEO Tom Panek