CEO Tom Panek to run NYC Marathon for Guiding Eyes

Boston Marathon Finish Line: Tom Panek (center) with Nick Abramczyk and Chris ShullWhen I could no longer see well enough to walk down the street, a great gift was given to me.  I put my trust in a yellow Labrador and could once again navigate the world on my own.  Today I have a guide dog named Gus.

A Guiding Eyes dog gives me and many others the ability to travel independently and safely.  Gus happily helps guide me safely across streets for miles in Manhattan, though asking him to run 26.2 miles down the middle of 5th Avenue at a full sprint is something best left to New Yorkers of the human-kind.

Enter my volunteers – Running Rabbi Michael and Ultra Mom Amy Hanlon – my human guiding eyes for the New York Marathon.  With your support, I’ll run my best from start to finish, and I’ll be greeted by Gus and my family at the finish line.

It costs nearly $50,000 to raise, train and match a Guiding Eyes dog to a person who is visually impaired.  Please take a minute to give what you can, at any level. From $1 per mile to $10 per mile, every donation makes a difference and allows more puppies to grow up to become Guiding Eyes guide dogs.

Thank you.

– Thomas A. Panek, Guiding Eyes President & CEO