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First Litter Born in 2024

We’re so thrilled to share that our first litter of puppies of 2024 was born Tuesday, January 9th!

Graphic featuring 9 individual photos from Pepper’s A24 litter, each in a white frame on a light blue background. Top row, left to right: Apricot (female yellow), Alonzo (male black), Anchor (male yellow), Addie (female black). Bottom row, left to right: Angelique (female yellow), Abigail (female black), April (female black), Aurora (female yellow), and Amiga (female black). On the left side of the image is the text, “Meet our first litter of the year!” along with a graphic of a gold 2024 New Year ornament

Nine wonderful Labrador Retriever puppies were born to Guiding Eyes brood Pepper, and Guiding Eyes stud, Navy. These puppies are identified as the “A24” litter;  their designated letter of the alphabet, “A”, plus the last two digits of the year. Seven precious girls were named Apricot, April, Aurora, Abigail, Angelique, Addie, and Amiga, and they are joined by two adorable boys, Alonzo and Anchor

A new litter of puppies is always cause for celebration here at Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Just thinking of how these cute puppies will grow into exceptional guide dogs, making a life-changing difference for people with vision loss, fills us with so much joy and hope for the future.

Our staff would like to thank our many donors and volunteers for everything they do to support Guiding Eyes. Their generosity and hard work make joyous occasions possible, like the birth of a new litter or the placement of a working guide dog. With that in mind, we gratefully offer our heartfelt congratulations to Pepper and Navy’s dedicated humans! Black Lab Pepper was raised by Alan and Carolyn Lauer in our Montgomery Puppy Raising Region and is now being fostered by Rosa Calderon. Yellow Lab Navy was raised by Margaret Certo in our Cleveland East Puppy Raising Region and he is fostered by Stephanie Nicole Sacco.

We’re so excited that our newest litter of puppies is beginning their long journey to becoming successful guide dogs. Visit Journey of a Guide Dog to discover more about the steps they will take on the path from cuddly puppy to extraordinary guide dog.