Graduate Spotlight: Maricar and Cliff


Meet Guiding Eyes graduate Maricar and guide dog CliffMaricar grew up deaf and then around age fifteen, she began to lose her vision. As her world got darker, she shares, “all of the things in the world became blurry to me and I miss the opportunity to see the beauty of the world around me. But I learned many things and how to overcome the barriers.” 

Maricar spoke on behalf of her classmates when she gratefully acknowledged, “…we really want to show our appreciation for all of you – for your continued support. And remember that patience, that persistence – it’s so important because whatever we do now, we will be successful. This is not the end.  We are just opening a new chapter in our lives and we are really looking forward to traveling safely.”

Join Guiding Eyes for the Blind in celebrating this incredible team, Maricar and Cliff. Cliff was dual trained by our Specialized Training Department to guide Maricar using non-verbal commands and our Running Guides Team to guide Maricar on exercise runs.