Guide Dog – Kiki

Meet Guide Dog Kiki

Kiki arrived at the beginning of summer vacation 2019. This was the fourth puppy we accepted to raise for guiding eyes. As the fall and winter arrived so did Covid in the spring of 2020. We were now quarantined. Our outings with the pup came to an end. All the days we spent in front of our local grocery store stopped and we took dog training lessons on zoom. Through careful guidance of our regional trainer, Maureen, we persevered and tried to keep Kiki having new experiences as best we could. We went on hikes, brought her to the lake and spent quality time together as a family with two dogs. The puppy brought us a distraction from all that was going on and she grew. As time went on we anticipated Kiki’s departure date for training. Since GEB was also trying to navigate their trainings through Covid we held onto to Kiki until she was almost two years of age. She was with us longer than we expected and we really bonded. She left us with a hole in our hearts but time heals and we knew she loved to work and would make an excellent guide for someone. After a full year at the kennel, Kiki is now off and working. We couldn’t be happier or more proud but secretly we still have a soft spot for a canine friend who helped us all through a world wide pandemic and we all came out better for the experience.

The Anthony Cappelli Family, Puppy Raisers of Kiki


Enjoy these photos of Kiki as a pup on program…