Guiding Eyes partners with evoJets

Private jet charter company evoJets will support Guiding Eyes via their Donate When Dogs Fly program!  Many private jet travelers utilize the flexibility of their charter flights to bring along family pets or to transport injured or at-risk animals.

For every charter flight which features a dog on the passenger manifest, evoJets has agreed to donate a portion of proceeds to Guiding Eyes, as well as to promote awareness of the Guiding Eyes mission to their animal-lover clients.  Learn more about the Donate When Dogs Fly program.

About evoJets
evoJets is a private jet charter company offering private jet service in New York, Aspen, CO and everywhere in between.  Many of evoJets’ clients are heavily involved in animal rights, rescue and welfare, and they are proud to add Guiding Eyes to their portfolio of pet-friendly private jet charter flights!

Founded in Aspen by Westchester County native Chris Kelly and headquartered in Armonk, NY and NYC, evoJets is pleased to partner with another local business that shares our passion for animals and the important roles they play in the lives of so many people.

A Gulfstream Jet chartered by evoJets