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Halloween Pups: We have a Winner!

Halloween Photo Challenge 2023: WE HAVE A WINNER! 

Congratulations OHIO!

Yellow lab Ohio in brown wig standing in jeans and blue GEB polo holding stuffed GS in harness with campus & sign in background

Ohio (8O16)the “Guide Dog Trainer”,
is a released pup who was raised and adopted by Janet Newcity
 in the Cleveland West Region. Good job, Ohio & Janet! 🎃


It’s that time of year when the air is crisp, the leaves fall, and pumpkins get faces, so we reached out to our community and asked for photos of Guiding Eyes dogs and puppies in their best Halloween costumes. Guiding Eyes pups are known for being exceptional, life-changing and undoubtedly amazing, but let’s not forget adorable!

Once again it was a treat and we were bewitched to experience the creativity our request unleashed. (See what we did there?) Ok, maybe we’re pushing it with the wordplay, but let’s just say we were not disappointed with what we received, and could only narrow it down to 12 entries!  Now it’s time for YOU to help us out and VOTE for your favorite. Before hitting the voting site, visit the Finalist Preview Gallery below and check out these irresistible pups in costume!

Finalists Preview Gallery

Check out the finalists in the Halloween Photo Challenge 2023. Click on any image to see it in full, but to cast your vote enter the voting site through the button above. 

Did you know… From the time they are puppies, Guiding Eyes dogs are prepared for wearing a guide dog harness. To that end, Halloween costumes can serve an important purpose. Our little pups wear miniature fabric harnesses and Pups-on-Program practice “getting dressed” with their raisers, as an introduction to wearing a harness. As a working guide, a dog’s comfort level in this regard is critical to their success.  

young yellow lab puppy in fabric harness while playing