If it weren't for this dog…

Graduate Deni Elliott with yellow Labrador guide dog AlbertaDeni Elliott, D.Ed., Chair of USFSP’s Department of Journalism and Media Studies, has been awarded a coveted appointment on the Fulbright Specialist Roster. This means, that for a period of five years, Elliott is eligible to share her expertise in digital communication ethics with professional organizations and institutions of higher education throughout the world with Fulbright funding. Elliott hopes to work with universities and news organizations in Australia and African countries, but is eager for invitations from any locale.

“If it weren’t for this dog, I would not have had the confidence to apply for the Fulbright Specialist program,” Elliott shares.  “The program gives me opportunities to consult worldwide to work on the teaching and development of responsible digital communication. As I said in the application, ‘I am glad to go anywhere that my guide dog is welcomed.'”

Congratulations Deni – we can’t wait to hear of the international adventures you’ll have with Guiding Eyes Alberta!