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Janice goes to college

Guiding Eyes yellow Labrador Janiceby volunteer puppy raiser Elora Hixon

Well it is official… Janice went down to Guiding Eyes on Saturday the 20th to prepare for her big evaluation the following Tuesday.  My sister and I traveled down Saturday, dropped her and another region dog off and stayed in Connecticut with my mom until Janice had her test.

I was so nervous on that day!  Janice was one of the last dogs to go because, lucky me, she came into heat the Wednesday before we had to drop her off.  While it was tough to wait, it was nice to see the other region pups go and to see Janice’s siblings.

Finally it was Janice’s turn.  I had goose bumps!  I was sure she was going to be all crazy and energetic like I know she can be. I worried that she wouldn’t listen to the trainer at all.  Boy was I wrong!!  She came in happy as ever and checked everything out, just like she was supposed to do.  She loved the little critter cage with treats in it and stayed there for a few minutes.  Then as soon as the trainer called her name, she came flying across the room to her!

It was a great relief.  She did all her sits and downs.  She did however, almost go through the fence to play with the little distraction dog.  She also loved the funny skunk that gets dragged across the floor.

Overall she did way better than I could have ever imagined; she really is ready for her next step.

Thank you all for following my crazy little girl.  She sure has taught me so much.   I miss her like crazy, but my next pup comes in May!  No time to waste.

Congratulations to Elora and Janice!  

This post is a continuation in a series about Janice (3J412.)  She was born on October 11th, 2012 to brood Fresca and sire Dell.   She was raised by volunteer Elora Hixon in our Maine Puppy Raising Region, and we’ve enjoyed following her journey.  Interested in raising a future guide dog?  Learn more about our puppy raising program.