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John and Adele

Meet Graduate John

John sits with guide dog Adele sitting between his feet for their graduate portraitGraduate Team:  John and Adele
About the Team:  Adele,  a female yellow Lab, is John’s 1st guide dog
Location: Framingham, Massachusetts
Training: September 2023 Home Training 

John is a firsttime guide dog user who is thrilled to have been partnered with yellow Lab, Guiding Eyes Adele. His vision loss is due to the progressive eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. John’s primary language is Spanish, and he does not speak English, but that did not keep him from pursuing his goal of having a guide dog. Guiding Eyes graduate William Fontanez, with guide dog Kendall, translated throughout his Home Training. This training, conducted in his home environment with the assistance of a trusted interpreter and guide dog user, provided a positive and supportive experience. John is grateful for the opportunity to train with Regional Guide Dog Mobility Instructor, Kathy Rooney. John enjoys visiting friends and relatives back in Puerto Rico, but appreciates life in Massachusetts, where Adele is part of his family now too.

Instead of providing responses to the traditional questions asked of our recent graduates, John provided this heartfelt message that was translated into English:

My experience with Adele was so exciting!  When we are in front of the TV, she is so still and quiet. She also likes to play with the rope and the squeaky toys.  Adele is very helpful to me.

The training was excellent.  I want to thank the administrative board for the opportunity to have Kathy help me.  She is a good trainer.  I suggest to keep supporting her [Kathy] with tools, so that she can teach more people in this program. Thanks to the puppy raiser Stephanie, for raising such a wonderful dog.

God bless you.

Thank you,
John Perez

Meet Guide Dog Adele

DOB:  6/17/2021
Litter ID: 9AA21
Color/Breed:  Yellow/Labrador Retriever
Gender: Female
Brood: Violet
Stud: Kisco
Littermates: Arden, Augie, Annalise, Aqua, Amaya, Angelica, Alyssa, Alec
Region: Northern New Jersey/Fingerlakes
Regional Puppy Instructor: Elizabeth Vacchiano/Cassie Houghton
Puppy Raiser: Stephanie Serra
Facebook: Northern New Jersey Puppy Raisers
Facebook: Fingerlakes Puppy Raisers

From the Puppy Raiser…

Being a part of Adele’s journey has been life altering in the best way. She came into the world as a spunky, confident puppy who was sometimes too smart for her own good. Adele grew into a mature girl who takes her work seriously, but is always ready to play with her friends, humans and dogs alike. She is always ready for an adventure or a lazy day in. From attending college classes, to seeing musicals at local theaters, Adele was a constant companion in my everyday life. I am so fortunate I had the opportunity to raise her. I’m so excited for Adele’s bright future with her new forever partner. ~ Stephanie Serra, Puppy Raiser

Photos of the Team…