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Joshua and Quinn

Meet Graduate Joshua

Joshua sits happily on an outdoor bench with black lab guide dog QuinnGraduate Team: Joshua and Quinn
About the Team: Quinn, a male black Lab, is Josh’s 1st guide dog
Hometown: Woodbury, Minnesota
Training: November 2023 Home Training

Joshua lives in Minnesota, near the border of Wisconsin, in a suburb of St. Paul-Twin Cities with his parents and younger brother. He is thrilled to have been paired with Quinn, not only his first guide dog but his first dog as well.  At 13 years old Josh was diagnosed with a brain tumor which caused left side hemiparesis and significant vision loss, leaving him with muscle weakness and limited light perception. Despite these setbacks, Joshua continues to enjoy outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and hunting. Whitetail deer, turkey, elk, and bear are among the animals he has encountered during his outdoor expeditions. He also enjoys eating out, Mexican food being is his favorite, and live music. Joshua enjoys all genres, but his favorites are 70’s and 80’s rock due to his father’s influence, as well as country. His favorite concert thus far was the most recent one he attended, a performance by Bruno Mars.

How would you describe your guide dog?  “Quinn is a gentle old soul and a sweet boy. He is super intuitive, adaptable, and always keen and aware of his surroundings which makes him a perfect match for my ever fluid, physical limitations. He has more than met all my expectations, both as a team member and a buddy! He takes everything that comes his way in stride whether at home or out working. Nothing phases mighty Quinn, although he is a bit of a goofball when not working. He loves to play and just be outside. He loves other animals and there is not a squirrel that goes unnoticed by Quinn. He is also a people pleaser for sure.”                                           

What made you decide to apply for a guide dog from Guiding Eyes? “They offered specialized training that was very helpful with my hemiparesis, which effects my left side. I was quickly sold on that. Also, I received rave reviews about Guiding Eyes from friends and acquaintances over the years since becoming ill.”

How has having a guide dog impacted your life? “I relied on a claw cane to get around for many years due to my compromised balance. Once I got Quinn, getting around became easier and I am better able to avoid obstacles. Quinn has enabled me to feel super free in getting around. He has been a breath of fresh air. There are times he may have his own way of doing things, and his work ability adds to my self-confidence. He regularly makes rounds at home to make sure everyone is safe and sound. Knowing he is always on-guard and looking out for me is a reassuring feeling. I have enjoyed working with him, watching him grow. I can’t wait to see where our travels take us in the future.”

Were there any training highlights? “Guiding Eyes was very accommodating and enabled me to train at home due to my health limitations and recent neurological issues, which can at times be debilitating. With Andrea, my trainer, we did a lot of walking while exploring my neighborhood and the stores around town. Quinn learned the streets quickly and his way around the stores easily.”

Meet Guide Dog Quinn

DOB:  5/20/2021     
Litter ID: 1Q21
Color/Breed:  Black/Labrador
Gender: Male
Brood: Aloe
Stud: Elrod
Littermates: N/A
Region:  Adirondack
Regional Puppy Instructor: Kate Gardner
Puppy Raiser:  Kari Parrish & Bernie Corbett
Facebook: Adirondack Puppy Raisers

From the Puppy Raiser…

Quinn was such a wonderful pup to raise right from day 1. He had a calm, cool demeanor right from the start. He loved swimming, camping, but most all loved allowing people to swoon over him telling him what a good, handsome boy he was. Quinn spent time in our 5th grade classroom bringing happiness wherever he went. His trip to the ocean in Maine was a highlight for all of us. He splashed through waves, explored the rocky areas and tossed around a 3 foot piece of seaweed. He was a champ at socialization outings- whether it was to the mall, a hardware store or school, he handled himself with his signature cool manner. We are incredibly happy to have played a small role in Quinn and Josh’s journey together. They are a perfect match and couldn’t be any happier for sweet, gorgeous Quinnie Pie!  ~ Kari Parrish & Bernie Corbett, Puppy Raisers

Photos of the Team…