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Margaret & Anderson

Thank you to our generous September Graduate Team Sponsors…

“In memory of Aunt Maxine, a life-long animal lover, who cherished all the animals she knew, but most of all, was in awe of Jada, Cindy Lou Altman’s Guiding Eyes guide dog, and the freedom and confidence Cindy Lou gained. Maxine would be beaming knowing this graduation was sponsored in her memory.”

– Cris and Cindy Lou Altman

“In memory of Joe Hilton, and wishing Guiding Eyes Moseley good luck!”

– Tina Shevetone and Judy Eisele

Meet Home Training Graduate Margaret

Margaret & guide Anderson pose with big smilesGraduate Team: Margaret and Anderson
About the Team:  Anderson, a male yellow Labrador, is Margaret’s 6th Guiding Eyes dog
Hometown:   Goshen, New York
Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Jim Gardner

Margaret has been partnered with Guiding Eyes dogs for the past 50 years and returns for her 6th guide dog. She is a retired Psychiatric Therapist for the County of Orange (NY), a position she held for over 30 years. Margaret lives in an area of horse farms and beautiful woods and this animal lover gets great joy from the birds and other wildlife that surround her home. She is a self-described “read-a-holic” and a 60 year member of the National Library Service. She has a penchant for biographies, mysteries and science or history based topics. Margaret also loves listening to her favorite sports; baseball, football and car racing. Anderson is a welcome addition, clearly evident at their first meeting when retired guide Kelley nuzzled him, then led him up the back stairs. The two new friends were found inside sharing a drink of water.

How would you describe your guide dog? “Anderson is a loving and cuddly teddy bear… and very handsome I’m told.  He’s a great companion, as well as a guide. He’s bright, learns very quickly and doesn’t get distracted when he’s working. He likes going out for groceries or doctor appointments or playing with Kelley. He’s really enjoying himself here. He’s just a big sweetheart.”

What made you decide to apply for a guide dog from Guiding Eyes? “I had limited sight until I was a 16 year old senior in high school, and always knew I’d want a guide dog one day. I was born loving animals. When I graduated from college, I came to Guiding Eyes because it was the closest to home. It started out because of logistics, but turned out I really liked the school and graduated with my first guide dog, Nita. I continued to return here for every dog since and I’ve never been disappointed. I have no complaints whatsoever and even intend to support Guiding Eyes as part of my legacy plan. They came through recently when Kelley and I needed them, and I am more than grateful.”

How has having a guide dog impacted your life? “In every way! It has allowed me to go to work, take buses, go out with friends and have a more active life. My guide dogs have provided security and companionship. They even helped with therapy groups when I was working, by becoming a part of the therapy. Patients fell in love with my dogs and they adapted themselves to the love. They were all very good dogs.”

Were there any training highlights? “Yes, it was definitely the quickness of Anderson’s learning ability. When we would do something new, the very next day he knew where to go, what to do and how to do it. He got it right away.”

Meet Guide Dog Anderson

A closeup of handsome Anderson taking a break on the sidewalkUSA Olympic logoAnderson’s litter was named in honor of Team USA Gold Medalists at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. He is proud to represent Jamie Anderson, whose slopestyle win made her the first female snowboarder to win more than one Olympic gold.From the moment I met Anderson I knew he was special. Not just because of his special name (2018 Winter Olympic Litter) but because of his huge heart and even bigger smile. Anderson was my best buddy for over a year. We did everything together; shopping, restaurants, vacations and many work trips. You can’t help but fall in love with Anderson when you meet him. Anderson was always so willing to accommodate my every request, even when that meant posing for a million pictures or dressing up like Anderson Cooper (including glasses and a wig). His calm demeanor and willingness to please make him an exceptional companion and guide. I wish Anderson and his partner many years of success and happiness together.

Jordan Moore,  Raiser of Anderson

Enjoy these photos of the team and Anderson as a pup on program…

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