Meet Our Relay Team Members – Here’s Westley!

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Meet Running Guide Dog Westley, a member of our New York City Half Marathon Training Team.  Westley may be a big boy – but this goofy “Moose” has both strength and speed.

Running Guide Dog Profile: Westley, 6W17
Nickname: Wessy, West, Moose, My Little Pony (because he is so tall)
Hometown: Cortland, NY
Birthday: 3/30/2017
Parents: Courtney & Chester
Personality: Social, loveable oaf who doesn’t realize how big he is
Training history: Westley learned to jog with his puppy raiser, and now he barrels along during training runs with great joy and impressive momentum.  He is very fast and agile for his size, a skill he developed playing chase with his friends.
Favorites: Swimming, DuraChew Antlers, getting his bum scratched
Trivia: Westley’s paws are big!  He wears custom-size Ruffwear running boots.  He is tight with his Running Guide Dog teammates: he and Yukon were roommates during In-For-Training, and Waffle is his sister!


Meet Running Guide Dog Lynx, a member of our New York City Half Marathon Training Team. Lynx is an outdoorsy hiker, a seasoned traveler and a college graduate (really!).

Relay Team Member Lynx, yellow labRunning Guide Dog Profile: Lynx, 5L17
Nickname: Lynxy
Hometown: Patterson, NY
Birthday: 2/18/2017
Parents: Julia & Elway
Personality: Sweet, cuddly and adventurous
Training history: Lynx’s love of the outdoors grew from his early days taking long hikes in the woods and going on runs with his puppy raiser.
Favorites: Crunchy treats, snuggling and playing fetch with squeaky balls
Trivia: Lynx is a college graduate! He accompanied his puppy raiser at her commencement ceremony and received his own diploma. He is also a seasoned traveler who braved the “Maid of the Mist” boat tour at Niagara Falls.

Tom&Waffle-Central-Park-CarriageGraduating class of February 2019