Meet Wrangler's new little "sister"

Wrangler and Jewel photoIt has been a big week for Wrangler, the TODAY puppy. Not because he met big celebrities or had great times on the 30 Rock Plaza (although he did those things too), but because he now has a little sister! On Monday afternoon, Wrangler welcomed 8-week-old female yellow Labrador, Jewel, into his home. Jewel is also a future guide dog, and Wrangler can’t wait to help teach her all the important lessons he has learned thus far. Though Wrangler and Jewel technically come from different canine mothers (Wrangler’s mom is named Emmy and Jewel’s mom is Flossie), they are siblings in the sense that Jewel will be co-raised by Wrangler’s puppy raiser, Saxon, as well as Wrangler’s close human friends, Allie and Alex.

Wrangler’s first task as big brother will be to teach Jewel how to interact and play nicely with the big dogs. She’s still very small, and Wrangler can help to teach her important social cues as she grows and starts playing with bigger groups of dogs. Wrangler has done a great job so far sharing all his Nylabones and playing gently with his new little sis. He’s even been snuggling on the dog bed with her, and occasionally taking a cute photo or two. Most importantly, the two future guide dogs have been practicing their skills together. Wrangler works on his duration and self-control by maintaining a “go place” while Jewel masters the art of “sit” and “down.” Wrangler is a great role model and loves spending time with Jewel.

The fun times have just begun for Wrangler and Jewel, and as Jewel grows and learns, the two will be able to go on socialization outings together with Saxon and Allie. For the time being, Wrangler is enjoying all of Jewel’s puppy snuggles and kisses (and even a little extra love from his puppy raiser while the baby sleeps).