My Life with JJ

Tom and JJ at the top of Mt Rose overlooking Lake SuperiorI was teamed with JJ in October, 2012. ย I’m sure he had no idea what he was getting into! ย Since then, he has been adopted as a member of a Fur Trade re-enactment organization and has been traveling in canoes, guiding me through large colonial encampments and listening to fifes, drums, and canons – to which he is now accustomed.

He also likes banjos and has traveled nearly all of the southern states with my wife and I, who are “Oldtime Appalachian” musicians. ย JJ has been on stage with me in West Virginia and at concerts, festivals and countless numbers of fiddle and banjo workshops throughout the south. ย He is very popular wherever he goes, and usually draws more attention than my fiddle does.

Throughout all these travels, JJ allows me to walk with confidence and to be relaxed at a good pace – even on narrow mountain trails.

Tom Garrett

Tom and JJ on stage at Allegheny Echoes