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National Dog Day: Me and My Guide Dog

National Dog Day is August 26th, and to celebrate, we’re going to give you a better feel for our guide dogs’ unique personalities from people who know them well: our graduates. While guide dogs are loyal, hard workers when in their harnesses, it’s important to remember that they are also life-long companions who love to play, cuddle, and just be a dog! 

We hope you enjoy meeting our tail-wagging friends. Have a happy National Dog Day! 

Graduate Sydney and her guide dog Vaughn, a black male lab in harness, both sit on a bench on the nature path bench at Guiding Eyes for the Blind training school campus with the grassy pond in the background

Sydney and Vaughn

“Vaughn is super sweet, very loyal, follows me everywhere and enjoys nuzzling and giving kisses. He is loveable and playful, and if I go into the bathroom, he waits outside the door until he sees me again. In harness, Vaughn is super smart and serious.”

Graduate Ralph and his guide dog Cannon, a male black Lab in harness. Ralph sits with a big smile in an office chair with his hand on Cannon’s back as Cannon sits by his feet

Ralph and Cannon

“Cannon is a very good and affectionate dog. He is so well trained – he knows when he is working and is amazing at following commands.”

Nicole and her guide dog Hedwig, a female black German Shepherd in harness. Nicole sits on the granite bench, smiling in her sunglasses and gently lays her hand over Hedwig’s shoulder as sits calmly by her feet.  Nicole lays her arm over Hedwig’s shoulder as he sits so closely to her lap

Nicole and Hedwig

“Hedwig is very affectionate and amazing. She works hard and is learning this new location well. Having a guide dog has provided me with greater independence.”

Navonne and her guide dog Praline, a female yellow Lab in harness, both sit in front of a denim blue background. Navonne lays her hand gently around Praline as she stares towards the camera

Navonne and Praline

“I describe Praline as both a baby and a blessing. She is just a joy to be around and lots of fun. She easily transitions from being an ordinary dog to a working dog. As soon as she sees the harness, she is ready to get to work, excitedly wagging her tail.”

Kai and his guide dog pride, a female black and tan German Shepherd in harness, both sit on a New York City subway. Pride sits between Kai’s legs as she calmly smiles towards the camera

Kai and Pride

“In harness, Pride is always ready to go, gets excited at new places, and follows directions well. Out of harness, she is super sweet, energetic, and has a few little quirks that make her so fun and enjoyable to be around.”

Graduate Karlee Karlee and her guide dog Pancho, a male black Lab in harness, both sit on top of a park bench in a fall setting, with an array of different colored leaves covering the ground beneath them. Karlee gently huge Pancho as he glances towards the camera

Karlee and Pancho

“Pancho has so much life in him! He’s so ready to work and he’s the kind of dog that’s up for anything. Nothing phases him. He’s so calm and stoic, yet he’s very curious! I think that’s what makes him such a good working dog.”

Graduate Joicee and her guide dog Junie, a female black Lab in harness, both sit on the nature path bench at the Guiding Eyes training school campus with the pond in the background. Joicee gently puts her arm around Junie as she smiles toward the camera

Joicee and Junie

“Junie is sweet, loving, and silly. She’s always ready to play, but also loves to nap – just like me! She’s become very attached and sometimes looks at me super lovingly and thoughtfully, but other times she’s like, ‘let’s play, let’s play.”

Graduate Christopher and guide dog Wonder

Christopher and Wonder

“Wonder has lots of spunk! She is energetic, curious and eager to work. She also loves to be loved and welcomes lots of attention and belly rubs. Wonder is a running guide, so she is versatile and very supportive of my active lifestyle.”

Casey and his guide dog Kanga, a female black Lab in harness, both sit in front of a denim blue backdrop. Casey has his arm around Kanga as he smiles at the camera, Kanga poses diligently

Casey and Kanga

“Kanga is very smart and very intuitive, and she can be pretty sassy too! She can be goofy, but really smart. She uses her paws to do a lot of things.”

Joelle and her guide dog Coconut, a female yellow Lab in a harness, both in front of the dog treat isle at a pet store. Joelle stands, motioning her hand out and flat, as Coconut lays down and looks up at Joelle.

Joelle and Coconut

“Coconut always has a smile on her face to brighten the day! She is easygoing and makes friends quickly. After a long day of working, she loves to cuddle with me and my family. Her favorite game is playing keep-away with one of her toys.”