National Volunteer Week

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Vikki Iwanicki, Volunteer Services – 04/17/2009

Volunteer Week LogoAcross the country, from Sunday April 19 to Saturday April 25, non-profit organizations will celebrate National Volunteer Week. This year’s theme is “Celebrating people in action”.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind will be celebrating our extraordinary Volunteers whose dedication and devotion continue to enable us to provide guide dogs free of charge to blind men and women.

We would like to thank:

  • Our Socializers who are our puppies’ first teachers. Your patience and care provide the foundation for the incredible journey awaiting these special pups.
  • Our Puppy Raisers who lovingly and selflessly nurture our puppies until they are ready for formal guide dog training. It takes a special person to give such a unique gift to another person they have never met.
  • Our Fosters who provide quality homes for our outstanding breeding dogs. Your role in caring for these adult dogs ensures that we will be able to provide future generations of guide dogs.
  • Our Kennel Volunteers who help to feed and groom our puppies and dogs, and who spend a lot of time ensuring that our facilities are kept clean and sanitary. You allow us to provide careful monitoring of our puppies’ health and increased enrichment opportunities for our dogs.
  • Our Administrative Volunteers who quietly toil away with departmental filing, mailing, database entry and other clerical tasks. These efforts are greatly appreciated by the staff who can dedicate more time to other assignments because of your assistance.
  • Our Drivers who transport puppies, dogs, people and supplies around the clock. Your efforts allow our staff to focus on the administration, care and training of our dogs instead of having to spend valuable hours behind the wheel.
  • Our Home Litter Care Volunteers who devote several weeks, on an almost full-time basis, to providing the best possible start for our newborn puppies and their moms. You enable us to provide the comforts of home to our broods and an interesting and exciting introduction to the world for our puppies.
  • Our Student Services Volunteers who provide our students in residence with extracurricular options such as shopping trips, yoga, dog massage, jewelry making and transportation to worship services. Your gift of time is greatly appreciated by both staff and students.
  • Our Newspaper Collection Volunteers who collect, sort and fold newspaper for our puppies. Your participation in this simple task makes things so much easier for our staff, and helps to provide a sanitary environment for our puppies.
  • Our Special Event Volunteers who assist us at various times throughout the year. Your presence and participation at events supports our ongoing work.

To all of our Volunteers we would like to wish you a Happy National Volunteer Week!

Thank you for choosing to volunteer with us.