One of the Best Experiences

SUNY Oneonta is the latest college or university to embrace Guiding Eyes Puppy Raising on their campus.  Puppy Ink, is a 4-month-old male black Labrador Retriever and the first puppy to be raised on SUNY Oneonta’s campus.

Taylor Hendrickson, Ink’s puppy raiser, is a junior majoring in Anthropology, with no doubt, a minor in Name Response, Walking Politely on a Leash, and Sit!  She is also president of the university’s new Guiding Eyes for the Blind Club, which was created by Kelly Martin, an assistant professor, faculty advisor and former raiser of a Guiding Eyes pup. Flower, a female black Lab, is currently in training to be a guide dog.

Visit the article Student Raises First Guiding Eyes for the Blind Puppy on the SUNY Oneonta website.


Taylor and puppy Ink at SUNY Oneonta work together

“…something about this program just stuck with me. The good they’re doing for others, providing these dogs to people at no cost, I wanted to be part of that, and I’m so honored that I get to be.”

Taylor Hendrickson, SUNY Oneonta