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Photo Round-Up: Golf Classic 2024 at Mount Kisco Country Club

We are excited to share highlights from the 47th Annual Guiding Eyes for the Blind Golf Outing, held on June 10th at the scenic Mt. Kisco Country Club. It was a wonderful day of golf, guide dogs, and giving. Dive into our gallery below to see how these incredible elements came together to create an unforgettable day.

Eli Manning, a longtime advocate of our organization and current board member, stands on stage with his close friend and fellow Guiding Eyes supporter, Pat Browne III, as Pat speaks at the podium. Pat’s father, Pat Browne Jr., was a champion blind golfer who helped pioneer the sport.

Guide dogs Kenji, a male black and tan German shepherd, and Jessie, a female black Labrador retriever, pose together in harness on the golf course at Mount Kisco Country Club. A golf ball sits at the feet of Jessie, while Kenji rests his head on the green patiently.

Donovan, a male yellow Labrador retriever guide dog in his blue UniFly harness, sits at the side of Mike, Guide Dog Trainer, and carefully watches a golfer tee off.

A smiling team of golfers poses with Eli Manning on the green for a group photo. Guide dogs in-training Jessie, Kenji, and Donovan lay at the group’s feet.

A foursome of happy golfers gathers for a group photo after completing one of the 18 holes on the course. One of the golfers holds the flag, ensuring the Mount Kisco Country Club logo is visible to the camera.

A team of golfers poses for a group photo during a break on the course. One golfer sits in the golf cart, while his three teammates stand nearby.

Eli Manning kneels on the grass and looks down at guide dog Jessie. Jessie, resting in a down position in her leather guide dog harness, looks back up at Eli with a sweet expression, as the two share a calm moment together.

A golf participant kneels in the grass in front of the line of green golf carts and poses for a photo with a guide dog on either side – Jessie on her left and Kenji on her right. Out of frame, a staff member takes the photo on a cell phone, while guide dog Donovan watches closely.

A smiling attendee poses for a photo while holding Omega, a yellow Labrador retriever puppy wearing a bright pink collar, in his arms during cocktail hour.

A Puppy Wrangler volunteer holds Rose (formerly Rhoda), a female sable German shepherd puppy. Rose’s pointed ears are standing straight up, and she looks toward the camera with a sweet expression.

A golf attendee happily holds Omar, a male black Labrador retriever puppy, in her arms, as she poses for a photo, while other attendees and staff watch close by.

Quincy, a male black Labrador retriever guide dog in harness, looks toward the camera with a calm expression, as he relaxes quietly near the chair of his seated handler (out of frame) during the dinner & ceremony. In the background, Ten, a male yellow Labrador guide dog, lays beside the podium on stage.

Renard, a Guiding Eyes graduate, joined us to give a moving speech during the dinner program. Renard speaks at the podium on stage in front of a blue step & repeat featuring the Guiding Eyes logo in white. Sitting at Renard’s side is Krissy, his black lab guide dog wearing her blue UniFly harness. Click here to listen to Renard’s speech.

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