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Puppy Raisers Urgently Needed

Guiding Eyes for the Blind cares deeply about its mission to provide guide dogs to people with vision loss, free of charge. A Guiding Eyes guide dog brings independence, confidence, companionship, and freedom. It takes a dedicated community, working together to meet our mission.

That’s where you come in! We are reaching out with an urgent call for puppy raisers.

yellow puppy kisses raiser holding himWe invite you, or someone you know that loves dogs, to welcome one of our exceptional puppies into your home for 12-16 months, providing a safe and caring environment, socialization opportunities, as well as love, and basic obedience. We provide individualized support that includes training classes with a regional instructor utilizing STEP, our unique Successive Training and Enrichment Program, based on the relationship between raiser and pup, building the foundation they will need to complete formal guide dog training. We cover veterinary costs, provide preventatives and a crate.

Puppy raising is a rewarding experience and a great opportunity to involve everyone in the household. It’s a project that individuals or families can do. No prior dog experience is necessary, and we welcome current pet owners. You’ll meet other people who love dogs and enjoy giving to others, while learning life lessons and taking pride in knowing you’re doing something extraordinary!

If you live near one of our puppy raising regions, we hope you’ll consider joining our Puppy Raising community! Find more information in our Puppy Raising section, including FAQs, photos of unmatched puppies, and the “Raiser Checklist” – eight questions developed to help you determine if you’re ready to apply. You may also email, for next steps in becoming a puppy raiser. If unable to volunteer, we hope you’ll consider making a donation to support this important mission. 

Feel the satisfaction of knowing that the puppy you raise will have a profound effect on their new partner, and on you as well!


From Guiding Eyes Puppy Raisers…

A Most Memorable and Rewarding Experience 

Raisers of Goodman

I’m endlessly proud of her, and grateful to have had the opportunity to aid in her journey towards becoming a guide dog. I know she will continue to spread her happiness wherever she goes.

Raiser of Kiwi

We loved being able to share in her guide dog journey and are so grateful for all the love she brought into our home. We can’t wait to see what great things she does with her new person.

Raisers of Iris
image for puppy raisers needed. little pups look over a bar at bottom and raiser hugs pup in circle