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Raising money for grandpa's guide dog school

Bill Vignola and WarrenDear Friends:

My name is Bill Vignola and my dog is Warren and we graduated from Guiding Eyes last November.  This was a tremendous experience for me to witness firsthand; I was amazed at the dedication that everyone has at Guiding Eyes.

My granddaughter, Hadley, 10 years old, has spoken to me for months about the possibility of my getting a guide dog.  She has been so excited that it finally happened.  She loves Warren so much she decided to create a project for her 4th grade class.  They have to do a project that benefits a cause every year.

Hadley set up a little stand where she sold cookies, brownies and lemonade to people driving by in the neighborhood.  She made $200.  People were very generous and excited to see what a fine project she was doing.

Hadley also researched what Guiding Eyes does to get the guide dogs ready for their new friends.  She presented the information to her class.  She explained how the dog and their person will work together for many wonderful years.

On the day Hadley presented her project to the class, Warren and I made a surprise visit.  After she finished her presentation, I showed the class some commands Warren understood.  They loved how he backed under my chair. I then let them know not to pet a “working dog” when the harness is in place.  The best moment for Warren was when I removed the harness and allowed the children to pet him.  He loved it and did not move an inch.

I am so happy to have been able to share this wonderful experience with my granddaughter.  Thanks to all who support Guiding Eyes for giving me this opportunity.

Bill and Warren

Guiding Eyes dog Hart