A Robin Williams memory

About 14 years ago, Kathy Zubrycki and Graham Buck visited the Today Show set with a black Lab guide dog in training named Bernie.  On the agenda for the morning: Bernie was to guide weather anchor Al Roker through Rockefeller Center to show how Guiding Eyes dogs can navigate the challenging terrain of New York City.

Robin Williams arrived on set as Graham, Kathy and Bernie waited in the green room.  After initial greetings, Graham recalls him “going into character,” as we’ve had the pleasure of watching in many of his movies.  As he waited to be interviewed by the Today anchors, Robin knelt on the floor next to Bernie and said (in one of his many famous voices) – “I’m a Labrador retriever.  As a guide dog, I walk confidently down the street, looking out for my best bud.”

Graham remembers the immeasurably talented actor’s kindness and warmth and how he so quickly and effortlessly related to Guiding Eyes dog Bernie.

We extend our sincere condolences to Robin’s family and friends.