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Student of the Week: Chelsea Gerhan

Sun News – The Sun Sentinel – 05/09/2009

Chelsea and pup at the CDC

Chelsea raised two pups in the Ohio region, is an active class helper in the Thursday evening Guiding Eyes puppy classes, is an active volunteer with Guiding Eyes for the Blind public relations booths and giving presentations about Guiding Eyes puppy raising, and also has volunteered at the Guiding Eyes Canine Development Center in Patterson NY on several occasions (including this past weekend).

Congratulations Chelsea!

Chelsea Gerhan, a junior at Avon Lake High School, wants to make a difference in the lives of others by raising puppies to become seeing eye dogs for the blind. She is a member of “Puppy Raising for Guiding Eyes for the Blind.”

Gerhan is also a member of the National Honor Society, Student Council and French Club.

Gerhan says she will continue her community service to hopefully make a difference in someone else’s life. She says that once she settles on a college she may study biology or professional dog training. She is looking forward to a trip to New York, summer and graduation.

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