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Team Spotlight: Meet David and Tessi

David joined our residential class of August 2019 to receive his very first guide dog. He found his match in a petite female yellow Lab with a pink heart on her nose named Tessi.

Video Description:
David sits on a bench on our nature path while talking to the camera with his yellow lab guide dog Tessi sitting at his feet. On the right side of the screen is the Guiding Eyes logo in blue along with the text: “Team Spotlight – David & Tessi” and “The Gift”.
David traverses the crosswalk guided by Tessi.
David walks toward the camera guided by Tessi on the sidewalk covered by metal scaffolding.
The sign at the entrance to the training campus in Yorktown Heights, NY.
Dogs in-training run and play in our fenced community run area, completed with a colorful plastic playground.
David and Tessi reach the curb after crossing the street. Tessi looks up to check-in with David.
Tessi lays in-harness at a local coffee shop. Tessi’s face lights up with a happy expression as she looks toward the camera.
Tessi sits in harness and looks up at her handler, David while on the sidewalk in Mount Kisco, NY. David bends down to give Tessi a kiss. David then kneels in front of his sitting pup. Tessi takes the opportunity to give David some big kisses.
Tessi guides David on the sidewalk toward the camera.
Tessi checks-in with David after successfully reaching the curb.
Tessi happily crunches on her treat after finding the curb while turning her head to look at the camera.
A vintage black and white photo of David as he writes at a desk during his time in the Army. David wears his military fatigues.
David crosses the intersection guided by Tessi.
Tessi reaches the curb and looks up at David.
Tessi looks toward the camera while sitting at the feet of her handler. Tessi has a thoughtful expression while in harness.
David sits with trainers and classmates in a row of folding chairs.
Our class photographer takes the official group photo for our August class.
Tessi guides David through the training chute in Alumni Hall. A trainer pushes a shopping cart from the opposite end of the chute. Tessi stops and backs up, checking in with David as she does so. David’s trainer, Louise follows behind, encouraging David to keep his shoulders straight and follow Tessi’s motion as she steps backward.
The Guiding Eyes logo in blue along with the text: “Give the gift of:” followed by (in order) “Independence”, “Confidence”, “Companionship”, “Freedom”, and “a guide dog”. Underneath, the text “Donate Now:” appears.