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The Journey to Work

A poem by graduate Pam Garde

A Guiding Eyes team viewed from the rearHow four legs and one heart makes the journey to work so much safer…

She wakes me with a kiss, and some whimpers to boot
It means, “Mom, get up,” and oh, what a hoot.
We run down the stairs and park, feed, water and park
It’s only after 6 A. M. and it’s still dark.

I wash, dress and then we go,
“It’s Garbage Day,” she’d tell me as the way she shows.
We cross every street with care,
with traffic always there,
and soon we arrive at the bus stop,
no time to shop.

The bus will be here,
have no fear…
and then it’s off to work.

Ahh, the perks of having a Guiding Eyes dog.  

Hildy, you’re my special friend, we’ll be together ’til the very end.