The Pennsylvania Challenge

The George T. Walker Charitable Fund of The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation Challenge will help us raise $180,000 to support Pennsylvania residents who are blind or visually impaired. Funds raised will defray the expenses associated with providing a professionally trained Guiding Eyes dog to those who are blind as well as ongoing services available to our alumni in the Keystone state.

“Every day, our graduates show us there is no limit to what can be achieved when partnered with a professionally trained Guiding Eyes dog,” said Linda Press, Guiding Eyes’ Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations & Strategic Partnerships. “Their stories inspire us to continue offering the most exceptional programs and services to those who seek greater independence.”

For 27 year-old Bethlehem resident Elaine, Guiding Eyes Kyle has provided her with a sense of true companionship and safety. She shares, “I transformed from a timid, fearful traveler into a confident young woman.  I now walk with pride because of all I have accomplished.”

Elaine made the decision to come to Guiding Eyes after witnessing first-hand the impact guide dogs made in the lives of her peers.  “Kyle is my ‘linebacker,’ always looking for the opening and checking to make sure I’m okay,” Elaine said. “I feel that people are no longer avoiding me, unsure of how to approach or what to say. Having a guide dog has given me the ability to experience the world as a person who happens to be blind. Kyle allows me to be normal.”

“We are extremely grateful to the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation for their generosity and strong belief in our programs,” said Press. “Now is the perfect time to help us transform lives; with the Pennsylvania Challenge, your gift can have double the impact.”

For more information, call 914.243.2250 or email  To make a donation online, visit, select “support a project” and indicate Pennsylvania Challenge.  Please also designate “Pennsylvania Challenge” on your letter or check stub.

Pennsylvania resident Elaine with Guiding Eyes guide dog, Kyle
Pennsylvania resident Elaine with Guiding Eyes guide dog, Kyle