The Ripple Effect – Ben & Wren

Ben and Wren talk about Guiding Eyes with JCC studentsWe regularly talk about the ripple effect of our dogs.  All Guiding Eyes dogs – working, retired or released – have the ability to transform people’s lives.

Guiding Eyes Wren is a released dog with a special purpose.  She was adopted by the Serebin family and has become a loyal family pet – and an honorary Guiding Eyes supporter.

This spring, Ben Serebin brought Wren to his daughter’s school, the JCC of Pleasantville. Wren’s job was to increase awareness for Guiding Eyes as the school’s “charity of the month.”  During their visit, Ben explained the important work of a guide dog, including the extensive training they must complete.

Wren’s visit resulted in the school collecting significantly more donations than usual.  The students and teachers fell in love with her instantly – and received lots of puppy love in return!

We’re grateful to the Serebin family for providing Wren with a loving home; together, they’ll continue to raise awareness and garner support for Guiding Eyes.

JCC students made a poster sharing what they learned from Guiding Eyes dog Wren