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Thoughts from our Puppy Raisers

Why raise a Guiding Eyes puppy? 

The dogs are amazing.  We are continually thanked for raising them but I always want to thank Guiding Eyes for allowing them to be part of our lives.  There are no words to describe how proud we are of Amos.  His accomplishment brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. – Denise O’Grady, Central NY

Raising Darien was the most important thing I have ever accomplished.  Giving him up was hard, but I am so happy that he can change someone else’s life just as he has changed mine.  – Erin Snedecor, Fingerlakes

Volunteer puppy raisers from Ithaca CollegeMy husband and I have had dogs all our lives.  Since retirement, we haven’t wanted to commit to the next 10-15 years; raising Guiding Eyes puppies has been the perfect solution.  This has been a wonderful opportunity to give back, and we are honored and blessed to know that Lizzie will help someone live a more productive life. – Nancy Long, Baltimore

We will never forget meeting Cameron’s Heeling Autism family and Art’s graduate. We are eternally proud and grateful to have had these dogs in our lives!  – Jennifer Heinemann, NYC

We weren’t sure we could do a good job with Carson but it seems we did!  We wanted to make a difference in this world and this has helped us to do just that – Ron Cook, Northern CT

Raising Margo was a wonderful experience.  She brought happiness, laughter and love to our family and treasured memories.  We loved every minute of puppy raising.  – Peggy Farrar, New Hampshire

We always had dogs as pets and thought it would be a good family service project to raise a dog that could be trained to help someone.  Six years later, the kids are out of the house and we’re still raising puppies!  – Jennifer Woodward, Central NY


Orange County volunteer puppy raisersAnd some favorite memories…

Raising a guide dog puppy has been one of my life goals since I was in college.  One of my favorite memories was when my fiancé proposed – Payson got so excited that he ran around us in a circle and wrapped us in his leash!  –  Kathlyn Carroll, Westchester

It was a hot summer day and Blake joined us out by the pool.  There was a raft floating, and I got the idea to say, “go place.”  Blake jumped right in and happily floated around – adorable!  – Cathy DiNatale, Erie



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