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Guiding Eyes partners with TODAY show!

The Guiding Eyes "TODAY" yellow Lab pup at 8 weeks oldExciting News: NBC’s TODAY will welcome a Guiding Eyes puppy onto the show on Wednesday, January 14th!   The TODAY anchors and staff will join our puppy raising team in providing a variety of positive socialization experiences for this lucky future guide dog.

Our pup will help Matt Lauer read breaking news and assist Al Roker with the weather forecast. He will meet a host of A-list celebrities and enjoy a special home in the famous “Orange Room.”

Puppy Raiser and staff member Saxon Eastman will take on the unique role of “TODAY handler.” She will be with the pup every day as he’s on set – ensuring that all of these exciting moments remain positive socialization opportunities. She’ll also continue to attend weekly classes in the Westchester Puppy Raising Region.

Matt, Natalie, Savannah and Al with the Guiding Eyes pup they'll help to raise on set

Guiding Eyes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing superbly bred and trained guide dogs. Since its inception, the organization has grown to be one of the foremost guide dog schools in the world, known for its accredited training programs and lifetime commitment to its graduating teams.  Dogs not matched for guide work may become service dogs for children on the autism spectrum.

Guiding Eyes is dependent upon contributions to fulfill its mission and provides all services free of charge to individuals who are blind or visually impaired as well as to families with children with autism. For more info, visit, like Guiding Eyes on Facebook ( or follow @guidingeyes on Twitter.

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Learn how to raise a future guide dogvolunteer at one of our facilities or make a donation.   

More info on the partnership on TODAY’s website and read the press release here.