Tornado Recovery Update

Tornado Recovery Update

On May 16, an EF1 tornado tore across the Guiding Eyes campus with winds up to 100 mph. Fencing blew down, the lights went out, and 100 trees were reduced to kindling. For days, our staff could only get to the dogs by parking a mile away from the building and hiking in—which was extra stressful as brood Joplin gave birth to 10 puppies during that time! (We’re glad to say they’re all doing just fine.)

The second blow came several weeks later, when we learned that our insurance would cover only a fraction of the nearly $300,000 cleanup cost.

The hardest-hit area was the fenced-in woods where our adult dogs can run and play off the leash. The video shows just how important this Big Dog Area is. It’s the only space on campus where the dogs can run around and play at full speed.

Normally we take them there two or three times a day to blow off steam, and it’s one of their favorite places. Without it, their only play space is a small turfed area with kiddie pools for cooling off. It’s okay, but it’s just not the same as running down a trail through the woods or sniffing where squirrels have been.

Once we discovered the insurance situation, we put out an urgent call to our friends and supporters. And the response was amazing! Many generous people came together to give what they could, and combined with additional foundation support, it looks like the cost is nearly covered. And construction is now well under way!

All the big dogs send enthusiastic kisses to everyone who’s made a gift to restore their “playground”!

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