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Tulia and Misty

Tulia & Misty happily take a break on the stepsMeet Home Training Graduate Tulia

Graduate Team:  Tulia and Misty
About the Team:  Misty, a female yellow Lab, is Tulia’s 4th Guiding Eyes dog
Hometown:  Cliffside, New Jersey
Guide Dog Mobility Instructor: Deanna Lentini

Tulia retired from the New Jersey Commission for the Blind after 36 years of service as a rehabilitation teacher. She received her first guide dog from Guiding Eyes over 40 years ago, after leaving her native Columbia and starting a life in the United States. Tulia’s hobbies include knitting and crocheting, and in the summer she enjoys tending to her flower gardens. When cooler weather arrives, Tulia refers to the house she shares with her 9 year old grandson as “a jungle”, as she attempts to save her precious plants by moving them indoors each fall.

How would you describe your guide dog? “Misty is wonderful. Each dog has their own personality and hers is very funny and playful. She and my grandson love to play together. She’s a good worker and she listens very well. I love that she’s the perfect size and speed for me; I have always enjoyed walking fast and she does too.”

What made you decide to apply for a guide dog from Guiding Eyes?  “Guiding Eyes has always been my first choice. I’ve been a student in the residential program, as well as in home training and I’ve had good experiences with both. I’ve always been happy with the dogs from Guiding Eyes and I like the informal, friendly atmosphere.”

How has having a guide dog impacted your life? “When I lost my sight in my twenties, I was studying Chemical Engineering at a college in Columbia.  My mother brought me to the U.S. for medical care and I stayed in this country, changed my major and continued my education here. I didn’t do very well with a cane and we knew it would be easier for me to move around campus if I had a dog. With a guide dog I am safer and more independent, and it gives me a sense of freedom and confidence.”

Were there any training highlights? “Misty was very affectionate from the start.  I could sense that she responds right away and is a very fast learner. Some of the training has changed since my last Guiding Eyes dog, but Deanna made it easier for me. She was very friendly and made me feel relaxed, so I wasn’t uptight about making mistakes. I’d learn and we’d just keep going.”

Meet Guide Dog Misty

Tulia and MistySpecial Recognition: Misty’s progress was followed by a Pathfinder Society Member – someone who remembered Guiding Eyes in their estate plans and received reports and photos of her from puppyhood. She was named Misty through contribution of a special gift from the estate of Patricia Olasky.

Misty’s greatest strength was her dedication to Eileen and me. She always wanted to be close and involved and she knew the house schedule as well as we did. She was so good in challenging situations around other dogs. She knew her place and how to behave.  She was always checking in for any approval.  For me, the most enjoyable outings with her were when we took her to restaurants.  She did so well; taking everything in and even when customers came over and fussed over her, she kept her position.

We enjoyed everything about Misty, as she was family from day one.  She has been so missed.  Just a great friend.

Terry and Eileen Matro, Puppy Raisers of Misty

Enjoy these photos of the team and Misty as a pup on program…

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