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Volunteer’s Podcast Raises Awareness for Guiding Eyes

From Spotify for Podcasters:

Catherine, breeding dog foster with stud dog Ralphie on a bridge
Catherine and Ralphie

Guided by Love, by Catherine Fenlon
December 2022:  Guiding Eyes -Further understanding a guide dog’s life
Guest: Maria Lazzaro, Breeding Kennel and Brood Stud Program Manager

Catherine Fenlon, a 16-year-old high school student, recently completed an after-school multimedia workshop project focused on raising awareness of Guiding Eyes for the Blind. When given the assignment, she knew exactly the topic to choose for her podcast. Her passion stems from her family’s involvement with the organization. The Fenlon’s began volunteering in 2021 as Home Socializers, then became Brood/Stud Fosters, as well as puppy sitters, through the nearby Canine Development Center, in Patterson, NY. They are the fosters of breeding dogs, Juniper (1JJ20), a female yellow Lab and Ralphie (3R20), a male black Lab.

In Catherine’s podcast, Talk It Out, “Guiding Eyes – Further understanding a guide dog’s life”, her guest was Maria Lazzaro, Breeding Kennel and Brood Stud Program Manager, who provided valuable insights into the journey from puppy to guide dog. According to Maria, the process begins with carefully selecting the breeding stock to ensure the best genetics for health and temperament. Using a pre-school to college analogy, she explains how along the way, puppies are exposed to various environments and socialized to help them become well-adjusted and confident dogs. Ultimately, the journey requires the time, patience, and dedication of many volunteers, like the Fenlon family.

The Fenlon family is very dedicated to Guiding Eyes and our  mission, fostering two of our breeding dogs, Juniper and Ralphie, as well as participating in our Home Socialization program or puppy sitting little ones waiting to go to a raiser.  When Catherine asked me to do a podcast with her, I was so honored and happy to talk about our organization and dogs.

– Maria Lazzaro, Breeding Kennel and Brood Stud Program Manager

We appreciate Catherine’s interest in spreading the word about our organization through her podcast. She is the daughter of Michael and Dana Wu Fenlon of Westchester County, NY. Guiding Eyes is grateful for the commitment of volunteers like the Fenlon’s, who help us fulfill our mission of providing guide dogs to people with vision loss, enabling them to achieve greater independence and mobility.

Looking down at black Lab Ralphie, stud dog, sitting in bright green grass
Ralphie, Guiding Eyes Stud
Yellow Lab brood Juniper sits in sun beside a lake with mountain beyond
Juniper, Guiding Eyes Brood