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Wrangler visits Boston College

Written by volunteer puppy raiser and staff member, Saxon Eastman 

Wrangler had so much fun socializing in Boston that last weekend we decided to go back and have another overnight trip and more new experiences. This time, however, instead of exploring the heart of the city, Wrangler decided to get the college experience and tour the campus of Boston College. Seeing as I am a BC graduate, I took Wrangler to all the places around campus that offer the best socialization experiences.

Wrangler proudly sits in front of the "Boston College" welcome post

Wrangler’s college experience began in the quintessential scholarly setting: the BC library. He “studied” loose leash walking up and down the rows of books, and practiced sitting nicely in an elevator moving between floors. After finishing up in the library, Wrangler headed to the campus store. Here he wandered through the “department store” style layout and practiced not smelling merchandise as we walked by. He was even able to find the “dog products” section, and picked out some stylish bandanas for himself and Vincent to wear when they need to show some school spirit.

Wrangler visits the Boston College library
While the library and the bookstore were fun, the biggest challenge Wrangler faced while at BC was the many flights of stairs. Boston College is built on a hill, and therefore offers ample opportunity to practice stairs. Wrangler was able to calmly walk up and down the many new and different types of stairs around campus. After doing all those stairs, Wrangler was happy to practice some sit/stays for pictures and settle at a local ice cream shop off campus.

Wrangler takes on some intense stair practice at Boston College
While this trip was much different from his previous Boston trip, it allowed Wrangler to practice everything from sit and down stays around new distractions and smells, to being in real life situations, such as walking through a library, busy campus hallway, or dining hall. Overall, Wrangler did a great job in this new setting, and now considers himself and honorary Eagle.

Wrangler and "big brother" Vincent wearing Boston College bandanas
Wrangler’s “big brother” Vincent very much enjoys the Boston College bandanna Wrangler brought home for him!