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Yappy Valentine’s Day!

Yellow guide dog with happy smile and tongue sitting inside a big a red heartYappy Valentine’s Day! There is a ton of talk about hearts, flowers, romance, and chocolate, but what about your furry sidekick who deserves a little extra shout out with love blossoming in the air? With that sentiment in mind, we have put together a list of signs your guide dog has stolen your heart.


1: When referring to your night out, you say “we,” not “I.”

2: You accept dog hair as part of your festive red/pink outfit and/or accessories.

3: You allow your guide to steal all the covers.

4: You use this occasion to justify another visit to the Chewy website.

5: A chocolate for you, a Charlie Bear for your dog.

6: You try to arrange the cutest picture/video for social media.

7: Your usual nicknames become even more sappy and persistent.

8: Your dog is never the third wheel on any date.

9: Your dog’s squeaky toy lasts longer than those flowers… Sometimes.

10: Lead, lick, Love, repeat… It’s Valentine’s Day every day.


Whether you recently welcomed a new guide home, are in the process of opening your heart to someone new, or celebrating a past Valentine, we hope this post brought a smile to your face. Have a pawfect Valentine’s Day!